Problem solving accessories. That´s what we do.

We aim to improve the working day of numerous users by developing product solving accessories with a focus on usability, design and haptics.


Problem solving accessories. That´s what we do.

We aim to improve the working day of numerous users by developing product solving accessories with a focus on usability, design and haptics.

Our story.

In the beginning there was a problem that needed to be solved. This developed into a small start-up with big dreams in Upper Austria. Our passion includes not only products of the highest quality and functionality, but also customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, our team is all about bringing that smile to the face of our users. Our path is defined by the search for new, innovative ways to benefit our customers with products that are a joy to use.

Our core values.

Quality builds trust.

Our future depends on the satisfaction of our customers, employees and partners. Customised products offering sophisticated, innovative solutions are the core business of Solumics. We believe that trust is achieved through reliability and quality, and quality is always a question of attitude.

Success through perfection.

We don’t want to be just another company, but rather create real added value for our customers with truly innovative products. We take pride in having an eye for the smallest details.

The quest for innovation.

“Design thinking is a method for meeting people’s needs and wants in ways that are technologically feasible and strategically meaningful.”
-Tim Brown

Transparency and communication are the drivers of innovation. That’s why we first ask our customers, partners, and employees what we can do for them rather than what they can do for us. Because there’s always room for improvement.

Progress means smart action.

Every opinion is welcome and constructive criticism is a chance for us to become even better. We can not only listen, but also understand and act. Successful cooperation is the basis for achieving our goals. In addition, we reflect on our own goals and achievements.

Fairness. Transparency. Honesty.

Transparency creates trust and generates closeness. We always act as we expect others to and lead by example.

In order to live up to our corporate responsibility, we develop ourselves and our products without depleting natural resources. We act in a socially responsible manner and focus on environmental protection.

Our vision.

We believe in innovative products that offer true value to our customers. That’s why we focus on what we like to call Human Solutions, that are more than purely technical. This approach means that the needs of our customers always take centre stage. That’s why our products go through numerous feedback loops to get closer to the optimal solution they can provide. This, together with a sustainable structure, will allow us to solve complex problems with innovative ideas for years to come.

Our reliable employees.

May we present: Two of our work drones! Our two 3D printers have proven themselves brilliantly. To be honest, the project wouldn’t have been possible without them. Always reliable, they were known to work 24/7 without so much as a grumble.

The faces behind the vision.

Hello there, this is us, Alex and Andreas. We’re both avid Apple enthusiasts who are passionate about product design and ergonomics. As product designers with an eye for detail, we love prototyping and testing exciting new ideas.

In our spare time, you can most likely find us on the clay, serving tennis balls to each other across the court.

Solumics - Made in Austria.

Austria is a small place with big ideas. For us, it’s home – a place to implement ideas and be inspired. – but also where we can ensure that all our products will be precise, reliable, long lasting, and of the highest quality.

It also allows us to employ fair labour and sustainable production methods, leading to a healthier ecosystem and work environment for all.

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